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The team here at Assetto Corsa Servers has been hosting servers across a wide range of games and other applications for years, and felt it was time to offer our services and skills to those who would benefit from them! We currently manage more than a hundred Assetto Corsa servers around the world! Please read on to learn about our servers in detail.

If you decide to purchase a server plan (thank you very much!) we'll get your server up and running quickly and without hassle, and you can cancel easily at any time. First select a plan, then you will be taken to a server request form. You may need to register/sign in first.

We've moved to! We now offer hosting for other games as well as Assetto Corsa. Links on this page will take you to our new website, but it's still the same people and the same great service as before. If you're an existing customer you can log in using your old details on the new site!

Assetto Corsa Hosting

All of our servers come with our custom Assetto Corsa Server manager pre-installed! The server manager makes managing your server as seamless and sensible as possible, and has a bunch of exclusive features you can't find anywhere else:

  • Quick Race Mode
  • Custom Race Mode with Saved Presets
  • Live Timings for current sessions
  • Results Pages for all previous sessions, with the ability to apply penalties
  • Content Management - Upload tracks, weather and cars
  • Advanced Car Details - View statistics, powerful search, modify tags and more
  • Schedule events (with optional recurrence rules), with a built in calendar of events
  • Sol Integration - Sol weather is compatible, including 24 hour time cycles (session start may advance/reverse time really fast before it syncs up - requires drivers to launch from content manager)
  • Championship mode - configure multiple race events and keep track of driver, class and team points with built in sign up forms
  • Race Weekends - configure complex race weekends with custom filtering and sorting between sessions
  • Automatic event looping
  • Server Logs / Options Editing
  • Content Manager integration
  • Accounts system with different permissions levels

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Server Manager Championships Server Manager Championship Overview Server Manager Results Server Manager Content Management Server Manager Car Details Server Manager Calendar Server Manager Options Server Manager Live Timings
Server Manager Home
Powerful Server
Powerful Server

Our main priority is always a great server! We'll never skimp out on resources and guarantee that your server will easily support the blazing speed of your races. Give one of our demo servers a try!

Server Manager
Custom Server Manager

You'll also get access to our custom Server Manager. We developed this software ourselves and we're super proud of it, we think it's the best server manager available for Assetto Corsa and we're pretty sure you'll love it too. Server Manager is in open development, and as a server owner you'll be free to request features and upgrades if you feel you need them! The manager allows you to upload and manage custom content, host championships, view live timings and much more, scroll up for a full list of features.

Simple and Affordable
Simple and Affordable

You get all of this for a competitive and transparent cost. We don't have any hidden fees or extra charges for "high CPU priority" or CPU overclocks, your flat monthly rate is all you'll be paying, and you can cancel at any time. We don't oversell our servers and push them to the brink, and everybody gets an even share of the performance pie. New servers are usually automatically installed and ready within minutes, and are guaranteed to be up and running within twenty four hours! So what are you waiting for?


Feel free to join our lovely little community. Our Discord server is a great place to keep in touch with us (you can invite people that use your servers too!) with channels for general discussion, support, suggestions, organising races and loads more! We're also here to provide great customer support, and will always aim to reply to support requests within six hours, with a maximum wait time of twelve hours.

Server Locations
Server Locations

With servers available in Europe, North America, South America and Oceania you have options to run servers with good ping and no hassle! For support for other regions please contact us.


Since finding and signing up to a plan on my hosting issues have disappeared, allowing myself and all my race directing team to have access to create quick races and championships on the fly. It’s nirvana for all our sim racing needs and less headaches for us than manually creating points spreadsheets for championships. The dedicated servers host the races great and we have had no issues to date with lag or downtime. All in all, it's an amazing service and one we will be using for our leagues the foreseeable future.

Adie Nurden - Race Director - Reddit Online Racing Association, customer since June 2019

I started running small online championship races on a local PC around the end of 2016. As they grew and got more complicated it was taking over my life having to set up and manually start the server each time. Then, in answer to my prayers, along came AC Server Manager in March 2019 - what a revelation! I was able to schedule up an entire championship in one hit, configure everything correctly and then sit back and enjoy the racing. Except, my power and internet is pretty unreliable. The power would often trip out, almost always mid-race! The amazingly helpful guys behind AC Server Manager then introduced me to their hosted AC server solution, which like Server Manager, took away all the pain and stress involved with hosting a server for Assetto Corsa. Same great interface, always up-to-date with the latest version, great ping and (so far) absolutely zero down time. The team offer excellent support, I can’t recommend the service highly enough - 10/10!

Andy Turnbull, customer since April 2019